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I'm Bryn,

I am a designer originally from Connecticut, and now living in Brooklyn, NY.

I have studied graphic design and Illustration for almost a decade and am an avid designer who strives to make new things every day (and does! see my instagram for more)

I love color and cannot stop using all the colors in the spectrum no matter what. I believe art should make you feel excited and full, like after eating a delicious meal. My art is meant to grab your attention and engage you instantly. I focus mostly in drawing people, plants, pets, and provisions (food!) and love exploring the culture of cities in my work.

I am also a communications designer focusing in graphic designs and social media management. I have a large design skillset and fluent digital literacy.

In my spare time I love to read books, find new restaurants across the boroughs, make and see art of all kinds, and enjoy spending time with my dog, Dolly.

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