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Written by Sarah Y. Aharon

Illustrations and Layout Design

by Bryn Pennetti

"Beautifully written and illustrated, One Step at a Time is a must-read for families who want to teach their kids how to overcome obstacles and learn from mistakes. This is a special story book that invites children to learn about their internal strengths, like resilience, empathy, bravery, and perseverance."

―Marilyn Price-Mitchell, Ph.D., Developmental Psychologist and author of Tomorrow's Change-Makers (Eagle Harbor).

An inspiring and fun children's book to build young readers' bravery, resilience, and perseverance! Emma is a little girl who loves butterflies, and so she's thrilled when her new class pet is Belle the Butterfly! But when Emma makes a mistake and has to face her fears, can she learn to be brave and bounce back? All she has to do is take...


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