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Economy Candy Concept Book

Economy Candy is the oldest penny candy shop in NYC. Located in the Lower East Side, the confectionary palace has been open since the late 30s and still houses the largest selection of sweets in the city. 

I collaborated with the organization, City Lore, to create this color concept book around the shop with a collaboration. City Lore is dedicated to documenting cherished NYC landmarks and establishments so they are not forgotten. An article about this piece can be view here on their website. 

I researched each candy, sketched them, and then transferred the final design into a digital format. To create the book I hand painted watercolor swatches, then scanned them into my computer. I cut and pasted pieces of each swatch around digital shapes and outlines. 

I formed the layout, selected and also drew the typography, and created a small but mighty colorful candy book. The candy is sorted by color and you match the candy to its information in the back of the book to learn more. 

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